Testimonials // Testimonials
“I would like to thank you very much for your excellent coaching and guidance to take Survey Exam conducted by Live Wires. The trainer was extremely helpful and always makes a point to ask questions if any of us needs help along the way. He does constant checks on all practices attempted by us as well.”

“It was a pleasure attending the recent Surveying Techniques @ Live Wires with Mr T Ch Hanuman Rao as the instructor. I found the course to give me a significant increase of knowledge - an added bonus to the mere surveying techniques I had expected to gain. We with years of field experience have brought out many site related issues and he made the solutions so simple and cost effective”

“He catered his pace of teaching that everyone can absorb the lessons irrespective of different level of knowledge in Transmission Industry Having a lecturer who has the total commitment, knowledge and skill is rare. What we take from this training is migrating to better technology like using DGPS etc”

“It's was a good experience for our employees throughout the days of training, and our employees enjoyed the real life cases. They had learned quite a lot of things and have started to apply it. It is so generous that the trainer shared valuable knowledge and experience with us during the training sessions, we appreciated it!

“We had guru for four days guiding us on issues related to power transmission line construction. We feel we had dronacharya among us and we vouch that we would try to be Arjuns”

We had excellent teacher who guided thoughout our 8 days training of PLSCADD. Whenever we were struck he was always guiding with a simple statement “ no need to worry, it can be solved easily” and he guided us with simple solution clearing every doubt we had

“I found Live Wires to be very thorough & patient in sharing of knowledge during the course. They went through the instructions step by step, ensuring that all could follow through with the instructions. They also paid attention to the other trainees who could not follow & took time to walk through the items with them personally. The trainer imparted useful tips & answered queries that are beyond the scope of the course. The trainer was also very effective since most of us could walk away & still recall how to go about some of the more tricky functions Transmission Industry.”